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Choices, Options, Links and Family Links Program

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Education in Aurora, Geneva, and West Dundee, IL

Initially, the Choices and Options program was developed for the Kane County Circuit Court judges, State’s Attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, law enforcement and the Kane County Bar Association for adolescent and young adult first time offenders arrested for possession and/or consumption of alcohol, possession of drug paraphernalia and other related misdemeanor charges. Over the years, Professional Consultations has continued to monitor the needs of the legal system, community, the young offenders and their families to make improvements to these programs to achieve beneficial outcomes for all. The Links and Family Links Program have been developed to address the current needs. Since 1986, over 15,000 young offenders have been referred to these programs by the court system, schools, churches and others.

Program Goals:

• Learn the effects of drugs on the mind and body
• Legal consequences of alcohol/drug use and abuse
• Learn problem solving and decision making skills
• Establish trust and communication with family and friends
• Provide additional treatment programs, support groups and other resources

Program Availability:

Choices Programunder age 21
Options Programage 21 and over
Links Program
  - Clients that have signs and symptoms of substance abuse or other behavioral
    problems identified by the program counselor during the course of the Choices
    Program may be referred to this program.
  - The Links Program may require additional group and/or individual counseling
    after assessment and referral recommendations.

Family Links Program
  - Family member(s) may attend any Choices or Options Program class not
    attended by the client to learn about alcohol and drug use.

Additional Program Information:

• Classes are scheduled once per month at our Aurora, Geneva and West Dundee
  locations, usually on Saturdays from 9:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.
• Call Client Services at (800) 428-7260 to register or contact us for additional


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