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Assessment Services - Family and Addiction Counseling

Professional Consultations offers a wide range of specialized assessment services provided by licensed therapists and/or certified addictions counselors with over 200 years of combined experience for adolescents and adults including services for Spanish speaking clients.

To schedule a mental health assessment appointment, just contact us or give us a call at (800) 428-7260. We’re always available to help. Professional Consultations has counseling offices in Aurora, Bartlett, Crystal Lake, Geneva, and West Dundee.

Mental Health and Addiction Assessments Offered

DUI Evaluations for all Illinois Circuit Courts (except by local rule)
DWI or DUI Evaluations for out of state arrests
• Secretary of State Updated Evaluations
Alcohol/Drug Assessments
Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Assessments for DOT
• Mental Health Assessments
• Family/Domestic Violence Assessments
• Anger Assessments
• Shoplifting Assessments
• Comprehensive Drug Screens

The assessment may include a comprehensive psycho-social/medical history, specialized tests, alcohol/drug tests and other assessment tools to determine a diagnostic impression of the client’s presenting behavioral problem. A comprehensive report will be prepared for the client and referral resource detailing the presenting problem, client behavioral/medical history along with an appropriate recommendation for follow up by the client and may include one or more of the following specialized programs and/or services for children, adolescents, adults, families and couples:

• Education programs for adolescents and adults
• Intervention counseling programs
• Group therapy and individual counseling programs
• Outpatient treatment programs
Marriage and Family counseling programs
• Intensive outpatient treatment programs
• Medically supervised inpatient or social detoxification
• Inpatient residential treatment programs
• Medical and/or psychiatric examination and/or medication management
• Alcohol/Drug testing on site
• Continuing Care Relapse Prevention Programs
• Anger Management Programs
• Shoplifting Intervention Programs
• Other appropriate referrals

Professional Consultations Client Referral Partners

Clients may self refer to our services, but generally, our clients are referred by
one of the following resources because we are recognized for our professionalism, experience, accessibility, comprehensive programs and services, multiple locations, case management services and reasonable fees:

• Illinois Circuit Courts and Court Services including Probation and Social Services
• Illinois Department of Corrections for youth and adult Parole Officers
• Illinois Secretary of State Hearing Officers
• Attorneys
• Physicians, hospitals, other behavioral healthcare agencies and private
• Schools
• Clergy
• Law enforcement officers
• Employers
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
All major managed care insurance companies
• Spouses, family, friends and significant others
• Previous clients


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